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Savvas Savva football coach

Savvas Savva

Brief  introduction

UEFA License Coach, B license, and A license completed

FA, Child Protection Certificate,
FA, Coaching Disabled Players Certificate
FA, CRB designated person
Devon FA development Coach
FA, Licensed Coach Educator &Tutor
FA Youth Module coaching certificate and tutor
Coach Verification Certificate
Plymouth Argyle Academy Coach
FA Licensed  member

I have worked in football all my life from the age of 16 as a youth player at Torquay United to going through my badges with the English FA. I have coached at all levels of the game and gathered a life time of experiences, combined with knowledge which i am happy to pass on.

We at Academy pro are happy to put our life long learning into practised. I am asked on a daily basis to help and guide coaches, clubs, and players with courses or badges they might be on. With our coaches resources you can log on and have the answers at your fingertips. I have collated all my resources and put together an easy way to log into what ever age group or theme you desire for your all your coaching needs.

I have a wide knowledge of the world game and how it changes as I go and study at various clubs around the US and Europe, i have met and have great contacts in the coaching and professional game, so for our players links, we can help find clubs for professional ambition or help you find a club in your area for any level. We have the links to pathway you in any direction.